Don’t cut yourself with the torrijas at Easter: you can eat them as much as you want

The coronavirus has taken away the trips and processions of Holy Week (for those who would like it), but you won’t be able to take the French toast. In fact, if there’s one thing this pandemic hasn’t taken from us, it’s the will to cook and eat pastries. Just look at how yeast flew out of the supermarkets during the first months quarantine.

But this extraordinary situation we are going through has not only launched us into baking bread. Some people also took the opportunity to get on the healthy life car. Of course, exercising more and improving your diet is always a good decision. The problem is that when dates like these are reached, doubts arise. And now what about French toast?

For several days before Easter, social networks were already full of French toast recipes in good health, in shape, real food or whatever we want to call them. This is something that can be extrapolated to other desserts. Healthy Nutella with pure cocoa and dates to stop a train, bean brownies, banana and oatmeal pancakes… These recipes really are much healthier alternatives to the desserts they replace. However, they can sometimes make us fall into the error of thinking that if they are healthy, we can eat them uncontrollably. And, in fact, this is the main problem we encounter when we decide to move to a more in good health. The first step is to learn to control our diet. If we skip this step, we will do a change of habits incomplete that can lead us to make mistakes such as not enjoying the torrijas at Easter.

Are Semana Santa torrijas a good process?

To know if the torrijas are a processed good, in hypertextual we contacted the dietitian-nutritionist Daniel Ursua. First of all, he wanted to clarify that making certain classifications is not always the best way to start having a healthy relationship with food.

“As a general rule, I am not in favor of the categorization of foods into Good or badwhether they are prosecuted or not,” he said. “Even less of the real food demand, because it belongs to a movement with which I do not agree and outside of this movement it loses its meaning.”