‘Doom’ is getting a ‘ray-traced’ version you can play starting today

lossthe shooter which revolutionized the first-person video game industry, since has a version laser trace. On the tracks of Earthquake IIthe id Software game is getting an update, although this time it’s a mod developed by a fan Game.

PrBoom+RT lets you play all three episodes of loss using laser trace. The graphics engine integrates visual effects that completely change the setting of the game. Details such as reflections or drops of blood on the ground, dynamic lighting on the stage, enemies or some of our weapons are some of the notable features.

The project was programmed in C++ by Sultim Tsyrendashiev (sultim-t), a software engineer from the University of Saint Petersburg. graphics engine incorporates DLSS supportNVIDIA’s intelligent scaling system that improves gaming performance.

While the 1993 game typically runs at over 100 frames per second, ray tracing is an additional variant that requires good hardware. Agree with Ars-Technicathe option DLSS quality delivers a steady 60 fps, while native 4K with laser trace It only delivers 30 frames per second.

‘Doom’ adopts ‘ray tracing’ almost thirty years after its release

The new graphics engine is an alternative for those who play GZDoom and want to experience the laser trace. Although there are surprising effects, PrBoom+RT not the holy grail of ray tracing.