‘DOOM’, the game you can play on the most unusual devices

The video game industry is full of titles that have become veritable works of worship, but none command as much reverence as LOSS. the shooter in the first person of Identification software It is not only appreciated for incorporating various technical elements ahead of its time, but also because over the past 29 years it has pushed a legion of enthusiasts hack as many devices as possible to make it work.

LOSS it was released in 1993 for MS-DOS and was quickly ported to a myriad of platforms and operating systems. Indeed, the source code of the game has been in circulation since 1997, which allowed it to be ported to a large number of devices; including all those which have not been designed for the purpose playerbut they can still run it.

It is true that LOSS became the seed of a prolific franchise that has included successful sequels and a very well-received to restart (plus a few unattractive film adaptations). However, it’s likely that no other title in the series has achieved the same level of fidelity as the original.

And a clear example of this is the awesome community that continue to port the game to the most unusual devices. Thus, what was born as a meme has become a very striking hobby and has been proposed to break down the barriers that prevent the execution LOSS on any gadget, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

In fact, throughout the web we can find endless demonstrations of the “versatility” of LOSS. and the subreddit r/itrunsdoom This is perhaps the highlight when it comes to bringing community efforts together.

LOSSthe game that can be played on virtually any device

If it is not yet clear that LOSS can be run on virtually any device with a chip and screenWe’ll try a little more.

TVs, drone remotes, ATMs, printers, oscilloscopes, digital thermometers, spectrum analyzers, cameras, smartwatches, ultrasound or ultrasound equipment and even pregnancy tests, among many other devices, were successfully subjected to the execution task. shooter identification software.

If for some reason you still don’t believe it, we will mention some of the most notable cases below.