Double shock guide 4 [Botones Y Touchpad]

Dualshock 4, PlayStation 4 Control, is a great evolution of Dualshock 3 – PS3 Joypad. The biggest improvements were the additions of “Share” buttons to save/share photos and videos, speakers on the controller (and P2 input for headphones), and the PS4 Touch Pad button – used for features extras in games, how to access maps., social interactions in multiplayer and some gestures.

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pairing and how to charge

If you just bought a Dualshock 4, either separately or with the PS4, before you start using it, you’ll need to pair it. The accessory with the console. The process is very simple and all you need to do is connect the controller to the video game via a USB cable (one is already included in the console box).

Then when the system is connected, just follow the on-screen steps. For each new Dualshock 4 you need to use on your PS4, you will need to repeat this process separately.

With the controller already connected to the system, verify that you will need to charge it by pressing the PS button. This way it is possible to check the battery level. Either way, the PS4 itself will show an on-screen notification when Dualshock 4 is finally charging.

Charging is also very simple: just connect the controller to the PS4 via a USB cable, it is important that the game is on or in rest mode. In this second case, the light bar of the Joypad will be orange, during charging.

When the process is complete, this light will turn off. On average, it will take two hours (at zero battery) for the Dualshock 4 to be 100% ready for use again.

Tip: To charge the controller in sleep mode Go to settings Power saving settings Settings Define The resources available in Residio mode supply power to the USB ports.

General functions and PS4 TOCK PAD button

Directional buttons (left of controller), triggers (R1, R2, L1 and L2), action (△, ⭘, x, ▢) and control buttons (L3 and R3) are already familiar from the PS3 as well as PS.

On PS4, the news is in the action buttons (Share), the options, the built-in speaker, the P2 input to connect the phone or headphones and the touch keyboard.

Dualshock Operations Basic Buttons 4:

  • Share: Opens a window on the left of the screen with options for sharing images and videos. It also allows the player to save captured content to the HD console;
  • Options: Their function varies depending on the game. It can be a menu, access to the map, a button to start a mission, etc.
  • to the built-in speaker: some games, when the player does not use a connected headset to control, use this function to play additional sounds during the game. Example: Radar sounds and conversations between characters;
  • Touch Pad: Another resource with varied application, depending on the game. Think of it as a “micro tablet”. Some games use the touchpad for various in-game functions. However, the most common is to be a shortcut to access maps.

IMPORTANT: To extend the autonomy of your Dualshock 4, it is best to let the controller recharge before continuing to play. Avoid doing both at the same time if possible.