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The YouTube Vanced app is an add-on to the traditional app Youtube, incorporates no-cost terms and improves the user experience. With this application you have complete freedom, now it will be easier to watch your favorite videos without interruption.

Once YouTube Vanced is installed, the content is presented in different resolutions, from 720p, 1080p HD, 2K HD and 4K. In addition, the music will have HQ sound quality and access to download MP3 or M4A directly without additional costs. Forget the restrictions when using this social network.

But not only music can be downloaded, but also videos! Keep them in their original quality. Applies to playlists, different categories and even channels. You can watch tutorials, music videos, movies and more without an internet connection, using your mobile phone storage or compatible memory.

In one click, you have access to your YouTube account, where you can find each of your subscriptions, viewing history and personalized lists. The interface is the same, there is no difference visually. Your experience will be the same as if you had contracted YouTube Premium, but without having to pay a monthly fee.

Plus, there’s the option to browse privately, so the algorithm doesn’t choose the videos for you. You won’t feel overwhelmed by content recommended by a search engine, in YouTube Vanced you decide what to watch.

The most remarkable thing is the possibility of eliminating advertisements and all the banners which waste your time, with a forced reproduction, without possibility of ignoring them. From this moment, you can forget them. No more intrusive advertising. A video starts and ends without interruption.

Find the trends and the most popular videos, each of the tabs gives you the best search results, for its number of likes, comments and its interaction rate.

If you want to download videos from other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you can do so by searching YouTube Vanced official website and copying its link, then choosing the format and quality. They’re saved right on your phone, so you can always have them at your fingertips.

This app is virus and malware free, preventing any harm to devices and protecting them from attacks from unsavory pages. Complies with mobile application rules and regulations. Implement high quality standards.

Only the necessary information is processed, in order to collect and personalize the service, with a clear purpose which is to bring benefits to each of the users. There is no risk of infection or data theft, they are regulated by different institutions.

They send you a notification when the version needs to be updated, to keep constantly integrating new improvements that generate a unique experience. Besides,

you can use it in different languages, you just need to configure it and set your preferred language.

If you want to enjoy this app and all its benefits without paying any price, you can do so by using this addon which gives you the same experience as YouTube Premium. The official website to download YouTube Vanced app is Find it available on Apkpure, Uptodown, Google Play Store and other app platforms.

It is not necessary to have microG apk or similar extension, you can install it as you would with Facebook, just clicking on accept the installation and that’s it. Without so much effort, now you have access to endless hours of playback and high-quality videos without any inconvenience.

It is currently not available for iOS operating systems and not for PC. It is only possible to use it by mobile. But if you want to use it on your computer, it is possible that by installing Bluestacks you can run our application.

It’s no longer an excuse, enjoy the most popular video social network on the entire Internet, but without the restrictions they establish, get the freedom to make your decisions and enjoy the best content on the market. You can customize the homepage to your liking, so when you use this app, you see exactly what you want. Don’t waste your time watching hours of ads every week, have privacy to select what you like best and enjoy videos hosted on YouTube. Every day more than 5 million contents are uploaded, find the ones you like the most and have a great time.