Drawing on your mobile isn’t as hard as you think

Would you like to draw but when you try to do it, the sad Titanic music plays? Do not worry! The Maxmovil blog brings you the solution: Autodraw. We wanted to revive in the minds of our users this very useful tool that was born from a Google experiment in 2017 and which allows us to draw from any device. Are you ready to draw on your mobile like a pro?

You draw on your mobile and Autodraw offers you

We know that drawing is not easy and that’s why Google helps us brilliantly. Google created Autodraw in 2017, a tool to draw on your mobile or any device with incredible simplicity thanks to its artificial intelligence. No electronic pen or special tool is needed, just your finger. It also does not require you to download anything since it is a web-based application.

Gif taken from the official page of Experiments with Google

Using it is as easy as creating lines on what you want to draw and its artificial intelligence will show suggestions on what you are trying to draw on your mobile at the top of the screen. Clicking on any of these suggestions will transform your drawing into what you originally intended it to be. This system is built on a database with thousands of artist images. Autodraw sees what you draw and analyzes it to understand what you draw. Ingenious, don’t you think?


a bit of cheating

Ok, we know you’re not really the one who draws but think about the uses this tool has. You can build anything you have in mind in seconds and it’s very interesting if you need to create a composition of various elements. Autodraw also has the basic tools of an illustration program: fill shapes, create text boxes, and create basic shapes.

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automatic drawing

Even better, you can access Autodraw from any device. You can access for free and draw with your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. We have already tried it. Do you like the illustrations we made at Maxmóvil?autodraw-draw-2