DreamWorks its animated version of the bank robbery

A group of robbers attempt to rob a bank. And do it with what looks like a clean shot that of course will miss. In all heist movie The famous “plan gone wrong” plot twist immediately leads to chaos. Corn the villains by Pierre Perifel, the new animated production from DreamWorks, the scenario makes curious and unpredictable decisions.

Several that take you to some clever places in a movie like this. Of course, he has no other choice. This is the story of how a wolf, a tarantula, a snake, a shark and a piranha will have to get out of a heavy traffic jam. A strange formula that plays and raises almost experimental ideas on the original premise based on Aaron Blabey’s children’s literary saga.

But it’s not just the adaptation of the best-selling children’s book about animals considered villains in the world beyond man. In reality, Perifel’s film is more about exploring the reasons behind the stereotype. He achieves this when he immerses himself in this curious association of criminal minds maintained by a rare tension based on complicity. The film mixes the premises of the saga ocean elevationn with an emotional version about redemption. But he also displays a surprisingly carefree humor, because despite his lack of refinement, he is effective on several levels.

the villains is aware that his argument is not new, much less can it compete with ingenious marvels such as The Michelle against the machinesYes But he doesn’t try either: in fact, one of the strengths of the villains it is his agility and precise conduct of action. With its old-fashioned pitch between flawless emotional mechanics like Charm Where Report, the villains it’s a cheat game. Anyone who also wants to make something clear right away: the villains in this story are much more interesting than any other character. We might as well invite you to explore its history from a new angle. And find a few surprises along the way.

Once upon a time there was a wolf, a tarantula and a piranha

DreamWorks animated films have faced stiff competition from Disney, Pixar and Fox, and often on unbalanced terms. But in the same way as Shrek, the trolls, the saga How to train your dragon and Madagascar, the villains overflowing with good intentions. Also, a much more precise and elegant exploration of its characters than you might expect. But the studio has managed to ensure that part of the effectiveness of its films is based precisely on its ability to move and make people laugh. All mixed with a certain subversive air.