Drive your car with peace of mind by dismissing notifications in Apple CarPlay when connecting your iPhone


Find out how easy it is to turn off notifications in Apple CarPlay when you connect your iPhone.

Apple users who own or lease a vehicle have the option to use the app CarPlay for integrate the iPhone into the car’s infotainment systemas long as it is compatible.

With the connection of your iPhone to CarPlay, the terminal of the Apple device is replaced by interact from the car screen.

Using App CarPlay has many advantages. However, this Apple co-driver can be a bit uncomfortable or distracting when you need to fully concentrate behind the wheel.

Did you know that it is possible to configure your iPhone to Not received some car screen notifications? This function is very useful when you want keep your privacyespecially if you are accompanied on a trip.

The most recommended is deactivate the notifications when you connect to the vehicle with the iPhone, before leaving with your car. For it there are several easy ways to do thiswhich are explained below.

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Connecting to Apple CarPlay has many benefits, but it’s often handy to turn off certain notifications

How to Delete Message Notifications in Apple CarPlay

this option will prevent message notifications from appearing or chat apps like WhatsApp, on the CarPlay screen in the car.

If you need it, connect your iPhone to CarPlay via the USB cable to the USB port of the car. During this connection, you will be asked for authorization, you accept it and you will already be connected.

Although you can also connect with bluetooth to Wireless CarPlay. But keep in mind that the system must be compatible, and it leads to higher iPhone battery consumption.

There are other ways to enjoy wireless CarPlay in any car.

Once iPhone connected to CarPlay car, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Press on Notice and will appear Apps what can you disable.
  • Select the WhatsApp or Messages app.
  • Look for the option Show in CarPlayswipe left to turn off the switch which appears next.
How to delete notifications in Apple CarPlay

How to turn off notifications on iPhone in Apple CarPlay

In this case, when stop particular this type of notification, will include those of private and group messagesbut also from video or audio calls when your iPhone is connected.

How to Delete Notifications in Apple CarPlay with Driving View

This form will allow you to activate a function in CarPlay to silence notifications. However, and as an important aspect, all notifications are blocked, but call notifications will always show.

To activate the function:

  • open app Settings on your iPhone.
  • Press on focus on driving.
  • activate it slide the switch that appears next to your right. If enabled the button will appear in colour green.

If you want configure according to your preferencesFor example choose contacts which can call and message you while driving, and also send automatic replies, whenever you connect with your iPhone to CarPlay, please follow this guide:

  • Research Settings on your iPhone.
  • Choose Focus.
  • open icon “more” at the top right and choose Carry out. The system will guide you the first time to configure it.
  • You can add contacts from your list and authorize the activation of the notification for this contact.
  • Finally, activate manually by selecting the option that appears below automatically activateby sliding the switch to the right and see in green.
  • Guard the configuration.

Whenever you want, you can add or remove the contacts you prefer.

How to Delete Notifications in Apple CarPlay So Siri Can Play Them on the Speakerphone

This option will only be used for announce messages with Siri, and it will read them to you, without having to display the notification on the screen. To activate it, do the following:

  • Open Settings then press Notice.
  • Choose announce the notificationYes activate it by sliding the button to the right.
  • go down to the CarPlay Option which appears on the right indicating Posts.
  • Choose the option Announce new messages.

Thereby will activate Siri to announce the messages out loud each time you start CarPlay. This is very useful when driving, especially if you are alone, but want turn it off you must proceed to configure it again.

How to delete notifications in Apple CarPlay

You can wirelessly connect your iPhone to CarPlay and proceed to disable notifications of your choice

Siri only read internal SMSnot whatsapp or other chat apps.

With your iPhone connected to CarPlay you can enable or disable any notification you wantyou just have to go to Settings/Notifications and choose any app that supports CarPlay.

The notifications you want to prevent from appearing while driving will depend on your needs. And with the magic of connecting your iPhone with Apple CarPlayyou can easily disable them.

To remember make adjustments what do you need to delete notifications in Apple CarPlay, while parked and in a safe place, do not do this while driving. Your security is more valuable.

If you want to meet other cool stuff for Apple CarPlaypress this link.

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