Duraludon now available as a new playable character



the pokemon presents Held on February 27 for Pokémon Day, it brought many surprises for all games in the franchise. Among them is the popular MOBA of the saga, Pokémon UNITE, which announced the future arrival of Duraludona new offensive playable character.

Duraludon is now available in Pokémon UNITE

As we already announced a few weeks ago, Pokemon UNITE today confirmed the official arrival of Duraludon, included in the new game update. After the incorporation of Egislash and hoopa balanced Pokemon and other support, the new playable character was expected to have an attacking role and, indeed, it did.

This new playable Pokémon has a basic attack consisting of a epidemic He inflicts damage on his enemies. Every three attacks, the burst turns into a bolt of lightning that deals increased damage to opposing team members. On the other hand, its ability heavy metal prevents it from being pushed while in the cooldown needed to attack again.

During the first two levels, Duraludon will learn metal clamp and Sharpen; this last move can be replaced at level 5 by dragon pulse Where bright projector, two higher power attacks. Similarly, at level 7, you can replace Metal Claw with dragon tail Where stone trap. This character’s strongest attack is Dural Hecatomba UNITE move that allows Duraludon to reach its Dynamax version while increasing its attack and shield.

This new character, already available in the in-game store for 10,000 coins or 575 gems, arrived with the update, which brought more new features to the MOBA like a new achievement system. Additionally, they also included balance changes for several of the game’s playable characters such as Blastoise, Trevenant or Ninetales.