EA would already have a new name for its football games

The romance between Electronic Arts and FIFA for the future of its football video game franchise adds a new chapter. It is that the developer studio would remain firm in its decision to cut ties with the parent entity of world football after the launch of FIFA 23and he would have already chosen the name of his next titles. Then I’ll come on stage EA Sports Soccer Club.

The novelty was known by journalist Jeff Grubb (via VGC), who asserted that EA has already given the green light to the name that the saga will adopt Fifa since 2023. According to the specialist, the company will opt for the aforesaid EA Sports Soccer Clubwith the possibility of seeing it also stylized as EA Sports FC.

This is consistent with what was already mentioned in October last year; there they started talking that Electronic Arts was analyzing the abandonment of the hit franchise Fifa after more than 20 years. Already then it was reported that the developers had registered the trademark EA Sports FC with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

“I saw the trademarks and thought they might only refer to a feature of the game, like online mode. But I did some research and […] that’s the name of the game,” Grubb said. and added that at EA they are ready to move on. Moreover, he predicted that there may soon be official news about it.

That Electronic Arts remain firm in abandoning the brand Fifa It seems a faithful testament to his strained relationship with the world’s main footballing entity. As we learned in recent months, FIFA allegedly put pressure on EA to pay you more money for using your brand. It was even mentioned that developers would have to shell out $2.5 billion every 10 years.