Eiichiro Oda Reveals A Big One Piece Secret To His Editor On His Birthday

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throughout his 25 years of history One Piece manga raised multitude of mysteries and these increase with each new chapter released in the Shōnen Jump. Most of them were revealed as the plot progressed, but the most important secrets, such as what One Piece is or the origin of the Devil Fruits, are something that Eiichiro Oda jealously guardseven for many of his closest associates.

In a recent interview with Yuji Iwasakithe current editor of One Piecethis revealed that Eiichiro Oda himself revealed the big mystery of the series -what is One Piece- as a birthday present, May 28, 2020. In Iwasaki’s words, this information made him start to understand a lot of things he had read on the show.

Oda already gave a hint about the ending

This information is very relevant, given that Oda revealed a few months ago during a question and answer session that fans should already know what One Piece iswhich surprised everyone.

Currently, both manga and anime of One Piece are fully immersed in the wano bowwhich not only gets more exciting with each new chapter that comes out, but also new mysteries arise waiting for your reply.