Eijiro was designed with a clear goal according to his own mangaka


My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime in recent years and has an admirable legion of fans who follow the manga week after week and eagerly await new seasons of the anime. One of the things that has the most they stand out are their characters and the relationships between them.

The series has a great cast of heroes and villainsand all fill one goal within the series. Perhaps the clearest example is that of All couldthe greatest hero of all time, fulfills the function of being the mentor of deku and a beacon of hope for people. But there is one character, also much loved, who fulfills a very important function for the protagonist class.

It is none other than Eijiro Kirishima (red riot), the pupil of class 1A with the gift of hardening his body, allowing him to gain strength and stamina. According to the author of the book, Kohei HorikoshiEijiro was created with the aim of uniting the class with their friendly personality.


Kirishima and Bakugo

This is clearly seen in the way he maintains a good relationship with all his peers, including bakugo, who has a moodier personality. His role is essential in motivating his colleagues to work together in situations of extreme risk and boosting their morale in difficult times.

When will the sixth season air?

Although we don’t know the exact day, luckily we already know when the sixth season of the anime will air. It will be neither more nor less than October of this yearand you most likely have your 25 episodes rigorously.

Source: My Hero Academia Wiki