Elden Ring: Discover a Spanish monument in the game

Ring of Elden

Ring of Elden

we all know that many video games and other types of audiovisual works are inspired real life elements to create scenarios or your lore. A very clear example is company titles Softwarewhich take references ranging from feudal Japan to sekiro, to the HP literature. lovecraft in transmitted by blood.

The most recent title of this company, Ring of Elden, is not far behind. like the saga dark soulsthis game is full of references to medieval Europe and the mythology of the time.

The Spanish monument included in Elden Ring

Seeing this and taking into account the rich cultural heritage of the Middle Ages that Spain has, it was not surprising that the team led by Hideata Miyazaki and George RR. Martin look at our country to create an element of the game. This is the case detected by the Twitter username Velkan in one of the Elden Ring stages.

To the surprise of many in Elden Ring, we can meet one of Valladolid’s soldiers. In real life, we find this sculpture on the facade of the Colegio de San Gregorio of this Castilian city, with others like him. This soldier wears a very popular armor in the fifteenth centurybut as Velkan points out, unfortunately this cannot be obtained in-game.

This statue is modeled with a great level of detail and the resemblance to reality is really surprising, they even respected the baby who is next to the soldier.

Other references in Elden Ring

In addition to real-life monuments or legends, we can also find inspiration in literary workslike japanese manga Berserk by Kentaro Miura or the saga of Song of Ice and Firealso written by Martin.

If we take into account the magnitude of this title and the number of references it may have, it would not surprise us if in the near future we find other details related to monuments or Spanish culture.