Elliot Page character changes gender

the character of The Umbrella Academy formerly known as Vanya Hargreeves, and played by Elliot Page, will have a big change in the third season of the series. As officially announced by the actor on his official Twitter account, Viktor Hargreeves will be the new name under which his character will be presented from the new episodes.

Variety also made it known that the character will see a gender change in the season 3 from The Umbrella Academy. While in the first two installments she was a cisgender woman, Elliot’s character will become known as Viktor and will respond to masculine pronouns.

For its part, Page lets us see a photo of Viktor in his tweet. Here, he presents it to us with the words “Meet Viktor Hargreeves”. In turn, the official account of Netflix quoted the message adding, “Welcome to the family, Viktor. We’re so happy to have you here.”

After Elliot Page’s official release as a trans man, many viewers of the show they wondered what would happen to his character. During these dates, Netflix has confirmed that there are no plans to change the gender of the character from The Umbrella Academy; Additionally, they commented that Elliot himself would continue behind the role. Now, however, we have a definitive answer from the actor and from the platform.