Elon Musk already has a documentary on Netflix: ‘Back to Space’

After three unsuccessful attempts, Elon Musk decided to try one more time. Part of SpaceX doubted the continuation of the project, to the point of thinking that the next appointment would be the dismissal. The initial investment was running out. Three rockets were in dust. The fourth attempt, the one validated by the programmer and entrepreneur, worked. A key moment in the race to back in spaceas the most recent documentary of netflix.

The documentary explores different phases of this goal, from the initial illusion of Elon Musk, moved by these first men who reached the moon, who explored beyond tangible borders, to the tensions in the task force. When it comes to an investment of more than $100 million, as pointed out back in spaceit is conceivable that the pressure is not less.

The miscellaneous risks either: the goal was to send a crew back into space. Along the way, breaking the monopoly held by different countries, with United States, China and Russia in the head. The Millionaire Illusion was more than just a dream: it was about trying to contradict some of the logic of the system. After several years of trying, this search ceased to be a desire to become a reality: a year ago, in 2021, they succeeded.

back in space
and the weight of Elon Musk in history

Within minutes of the start, the feeling is that Elon Musk will be the main protagonist of the story. It appears here, there and on this side too. It is strange that in space matters his voice carries more weight than that of the various specialists. Although this may be confrontational, it works in relation to the narrative: it serves as a common thread and allows the viewer to understand the dimension of the objective.

The character is also subtly portrayed as someone with a curious sense of humor and a fervent interest in transcending Earth’s borders. Elon Musk seems close, even attentive to the concerns of the team and the consequences of this research. As we have already seen in the media and social networks, these eloquent characteristics do not have much influence on back in space; we even remember an uncomfortable moment for Musk.