Elon Musk asks his followers if they want a tweet edit button

Elon Musk had been questioning freedom of expression on Twitter for a few days and alluded to the possible creation of a social network as an alternative to the one founded by Jack Dorsey. Finally, the tycoon decided to buy 9.2% of the company now run by Parag Agrawal worth $2.890 million, and it’s only been a few hours since the news broke that it’s been posted on his personal account. This time asking his followers if they want an edit button on the platform.

In the tweet, Elon Musk launches a clear question: “Do you want an edit button?”accompanied by a poll with two options: “yes” and “on”, which could be translated as “yes” and “no”, but clearly the businessman wrote on purpose to insinuate the need for a button to edit the tweet and so on. fix bugs.

The investigation, at 4 p.m. from the end of the writing of this article, counts more than 2.2 billion votes. 73.7% of respondents want an edit button on Twitter. The remaining 26.3% do not.

A tweet posted by @Erdayastronaut profile in response to the survey originally shared by Elon Musk, suggests that the edit button should be under certain conditions. “That it’s only available for a few minutes, 5-10 minutes. And when an edit is done, there’s a little link that shows the edit. It keeps a public record but allows the tweeter to correct a simple mistake and not to go back.” notify your followers with a new tweet. Musk responded by saying those terms “sound reasonable.”