Elon Musk delivers the first Tesla made to the Gigafactory Berlin

The Gigafactory Berlin from You’re here began to deliver the first fruits of its production. The official inauguration of the factory of the electric car firm in Germany took place within the framework of the Delivery day, the first models made there reaching the hands of their owners. The new fact was that the Y model that started the production line in these facilities they were delivered by Elon Musk himself.

How could it be otherwise, the CEO of Tesla said he was present at the start of deliveries of his first German-produced electric cars. During his appearance, Elon Musk gave a short speech and shared a moment with buyerswho had the honor of getting into their new vehicles under the watchful eye of the South African-born businessman.

During the official opening of the facilities, Elon Musk spoke about Tesla’s plans in Europe. “I am very happy to deliver the first production cars developed by our incredible team here at Gigafactory Berlin. It’s a great day for the factory and I want to thank everyone involved. […] Tesla will ensure this is a gem for the region, for Germany, for Europe and for the whole world,” the executive said, adding, “Every vehicle we make will be another step towards a future sustainable energy”.

Below you can see the video with Elon Musk’s speech and the delivery of the first Tesla Model Y produced at the Gigafactory Berlin.

The Gigafactory Berlin is the key to Elon Musk and Tesla’s projects in Europe

To see the first Model Ys leave the Gigafactory Berlin and reach their buyers is a huge relief for Tesla and Elon Musk. It should be noted that the construction and commissioning of these facilities have experienced various setbacks. The electric car company’s original intention was for operations to begin in 2021, although the target date was later pushed back.