Elon Musk retracts on the arrival of humans on Mars

Elon Musk updated its forecast on first manned mission to Mars and, again, the date is a little later than the previous one. While NASA made perhaps more realistic predictions at first, SpaceX began by announcing a surprisingly early date. However, this has been postponed from time to time, with a final update already placing the launch in 2029.

The reason, beyond pandemics and armed conflicts, seems to be linked to the fact that the shuttle star ship which would be used for the trip is not yet ready. It is true that they have made very significant progress in recent months, but not enough to meet their predictions more optimistic.

It should be noted that a trip to Mars from Earth cannot be made at any time. The movement of the two planets, as well as other important factors, lead to the existence of very specific periods, called launch windowswhere you can embark on such a journey.

The closest yet would be at the end of this year. In fact, he is the one who allegedly used the European Space Agency (ESA) send its first rover to Mars without breaking its ties with Russia. Then there will be another at the end of 2024. This is the one you initially chose Elon Muskeven if he quickly realized that he would have to wait for the next one, end of 2026. In fact, as of December 2021, he was still holding that date. However, this week the CEO of SpaceX announced that everything was postponed again until the next window, which will take place between late 2028 and early 2029. Specifically, Musk announced the postponement of the trip to Mars. by 2029. Who knows? At this rate, it could end up coinciding with NASA’s predictions.

Journey to the Moon and then to Mars

This year marks half a century since the last time a human walked on the moon. It was with the mission apollo 17in 1972. Since then, many missions have been sent to our satellite, but none manned.