Elon Musk reveals a curious change in the Cybertruck and assures that it will not suffer any more delays

Elon Musk used his visit to the new Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, Texas to offer new details on the expected Cybertruck, the Retrieve power company announced in November 2019 which should have arrived in 2021. The tycoon made it clear that there will be no further delays in the production of this model and that it will be delivered next year, as planned. He also revealed that the latest prototype has a new modification in its design.

The CEO of Tesla only reiterated what he revealed to his investors after announcing the results for the fourth quarter of 2021, which the model will enter production, and will therefore be delivered to the first customers, in 2023. The Cybertruck, let’s remember, has suffered several delays since its announcement due to various problems in its production. It was supposed to arrive in 2021, but months before the end of the year Tesla confirmed the delay and introduced a new date: 2022.

Earlier this year, however, the company confirmed that production would not begin until 2023 as part of a strategy to avoid production of the current models (Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X) from being affected by that of the mentioned models. Retrieve electric. Another cause of the Cybertruck’s delay has been the company’s interest in improve fully autonomous driving. In fact, this year the arrival of new electric vehicles from Tesla is not expected, such as the electric semi-trailer and the supposed economy vehicle, known as Tesla Model 2.

The Tesla Cybertruck no longer has hands

In addition to the Cybertruck’s final delivery date, Elon Musk also confirmed a small but interesting change in the design of the vehicle. the Retrieve now there are no more handles on the doors. These, on the other hand, open automatically. “I think this will be our masterpiece,” Musk said at the Gigafactory launch event, referring to the Cybertruck. “You can see some of the changes we’ve already made, there are no hands. Who needs handles?

According to Musk, the Cybertruck will be able to detect when the owner is nearby and will open the doors automatically. So far, the models the company has showcased at different events have included handles similar to those on other Tesla vehicles.

Tesla has also changed some design elements of its cyber truck in order to comply with the various approvals. Among them is the inclusion of mirrors, a wiper on the front glass.