ElXokas keeps garbage in the freezer: a dangerous mess

We have all committed authentic gastronomic attacks in our student days. However, what we are here to discuss today goes beyond all the barriers of the impure. It was a normal afternoon of streaming for popular streamer ElXokas, and there seemed to be no sign of the food terror that was to come in the next few minutes.

After an order from Burger King with ice cream included arrived, the Galician content creator went to store the aforementioned sweet foods in the freezer. On the way back, he prepared to confess something terrifying“My freezer is full, but it’s not full of food. Well, really yes. But the food “already food”. Food that I know is going to smell bad if I put it in the trash, and freeze it and then put it together so I don’t have to take out the trash every few days. So I only go to the trash once a week.

“I freeze the meat I have left from a steak or potatoes and that way it doesn’t smell or rot or anything,” the Lugo native confessed. “It’s bad technique., but I must admit it because I am transparent with you. I thought about this a few months ago, hunger sharpens the mind. I do it because I live in a fifth without an elevator,” ElXokas concluded sadly.

This tactic proves as spiritual as it is distressing, because the cold slows down the natural processes of food degradation. However, it also has some risk for the health in which ElXokas did not notice and which could cost him food poisoning.

Cross contamination in the ElXokas freezer

Freezers are designed to store raw materials and food in good condition, not garbage. The dangers of mixing the two types of elements are quite remarkable for reasons of health and food hygiene. Food leftovers deteriorate under the action of bacteria and other micro-organisms that can become pathogenic, especially if they are leftovers that have been left at room temperature for a long time after freezing.