Espeon is now available for free in-game!

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Espeon in Pokemon UNITE

The list of characters from Pokemon UNITE, the popular MOBA featuring these pocket creatures, continues to grow. A week ago the arrival of a new Pokémon was confirmed in the title available for Nintendo Switch and mobile deviceswho was none other than spy.

Espeon: How to get it for free in Pokémon UNITE

Now the pokemon psychic type is now available as a playable character starting today, May 16. Additionally, players will be able to get the Completely free Espeon UNITE license if they are finished event quests before June 12. This has been confirmed by the official Pokémon UNITE Twitter account.

In the game’s official Twitter we could also see a short gameplay trailerin which we are shown the attacks that speon can use: Psy Beam, Psy Charge and a new move known as Astro Psychic. In addition, we are confirmed that this popular creature will be long-range offensive categoryjust like others like Pikachu or Gardevoir.

With the arrival of Espeon, players already have nearly 40 different Pokémon to choose frombe Azumarill the last to join the team last April. As of now, we don’t know what will be the next creature to arrive in Pokémon UNITE, so we’ll have to keep an eye on its official channels, while we enjoy playing as Espeon in the popular MOBA.