Europe wants iMessage, WhatsApp and other messaging apps to be compatible with each other

The new Digital Markets Act will require messaging apps to have an interoperable platform.

After a negotiation of more than 8 hours, Europe has reached an agreement for its call Digital Markets Act (DMA). The ultimate goal of this law is to prevent abusive practices by tech giants, which the EU calls Guardians, so it is aimed above all at companies like Apple, Google, Meta or Amazon. And one of the first deals he’s considering is the so-called messaging service interoperability.

Europe wants the main messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or iMessage, to have an interoperable platform. That is to say, they are compatible with each other. Thus, users can send messages, voice notes, files or make video calls between messaging apps. In principle, this could allow you to send an iMessage to a user and have them receive on WhatsApp.

During an almost 8-hour tripartite dialogue (Trilogues between Parliament, Council and Commission), EU lawmakers agreed that the biggest messaging services (such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or iMessage) will need to open and interact with smaller messaging platforms, if requested. Users of small or large platforms could exchange messages, send files or make video calls through messaging apps, giving them more options.“.

messaging appsThe main messaging applications must be interoperable

In addition, the law will also require companies requesting the explicit user consent to collect data advertising staff. And their platforms will have to allow users freely choose which web browser, virtual assistant or search engine they want to use.

The law on digital markets will come into force in a few months

If in doubt it is a historic milestone that could forever change the way we communicate. Although it is initially a law intended to allow small messaging apps to compete with larger onesit could also be enough for us to communicate with all our contacts with a single messaging application.

iPhone iMessageMessaging apps could be compatible with each other

The rules will come into effect six months after the approval by the Parliament and the Council of the EU of the law on digital markets, which could happen very soon. In the event of non-compliance with the law on digital markets, a fine to the company up to 10% of the total turnover world of the previous year. And in case of recidivism the fine can go up to 20%.

The Digital Markets Act ends the growing dominance of big tech companies. From now on, they must show that they also allow fair competition on the Internet.

Comparison: what iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger collect about youAnd keep in mind that this is only the first step, this law could also force to open the App Store of the iPhone and offer different payment alternatives. A lot of changes are coming in Europe and the tech giants are going to have to change their strategy.