even advertising is allowed in this war

Disney+ has become, in just two years, Netflix’s biggest rival in the so-called continuous wars. And he did it precisely by breaking some of the dogmas that the red giant seemed to have created in the face of linear television. Netflix, for its part, faces a difficult decision: to lower prices in exchange for including advertising and thus not losing the long-awaited users.

When Disney Plus was announced in 2018, Netflix then exceeded the barrier of 130 million users worldwide. The mouse house service was first launched in the United States in 2019 and in spring 2020 in Europe, in the midst of the confinement. That same fall, it would expand to all of Latin America. And so until todayHow it is now Disney Plus which has nearly 130 million subscribers worldwide.

The pandemic has caused the business of streaming platforms to skyrocket, but the one that seems to have benefited the most from it is undoubtedly Disney. Its direct premieres on its platform or with additional payment of some of the their bets which could not go through the halls they made that, quarter after quarter, their number of rejections rises. The question will always remain (the streaming industry is still much more muted on profitability than traditional exposure) whether it cost the conglomerate a lot of money compared to what it could have made at the box office. with its big releases. But, in the medium term, they have already put people on their platform.

Disney added 11.8 million subscribers to its platform in the last quarter it reported results, beating analysts’ average estimate of about 7 million. It still has a long way to “chase” Netflix, which continues to dominate with 220 worldwide, but the speed at which it cuts its presence is getting more and more intense.

And as we said, It did this by somehow changing some of the things we took for granted in streaming. that, to a large extent, Netflix had invented: saying goodbye to the premiere in batches to bet on the weekly, giving away additional content (like its recently released films) with an additional payment instead of locking everything in a flat rate and, now, even announcing that it will create an option with advertisements to make the subscription cheaper.