even the bad guys can make us cry

The horrific consequences of violence are the first thing viewers see in the episode “The Rotten Core” (11×14) of The Walking Dead. The apocalyptic world of the famous AMC zombie series, directed by Frank Darabont before he argued with the producer and went out throwing mistos because of this euphemism of creative differences, has not changed one iota in this regard. .

Director Marcus Stokes picks up the plot where Loren Yaconelli left off in “Warlords” (11×13), and with the same screenwriters, Jim Barnes and Erik Mountain, who already have twelve chapters of this terrifying adaptation since “Ghosts” ( 10×03) and “One more” (10×19). But without the welcome puzzle structure above and just a few backtrackand with more of a dramatic accent this time, since the other characters also need attention.

In the same spirit in any case, that of the purpose of continuing to open the seams of the Commonwealth and destroy hopes of finding a new paradise in this country devastated by corpses which continue to walk and bite. Until their rot buries them in the undergrowth as we saw in The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2020-2021); or a survivor short-circuits their decaying brain, of course.

When ‘The Walking Dead’ knows how to squeeze our hearts


The old and dangerous ambitions of yesteryear they come back with different variants, adapted to the context because it could not be otherwise; and the deals made, using the eager interest of the skills learned at this end of the world, provide plotlines like “The Rotten Core” for Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon and Christian Serratos’ Rosita Espinosa.

But the twist we’re most excited about is the one that makes us think about how much we’ve missed Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan Smith, and how unbelievable it seems that he’s been so unbearable in the past of The Walking Dead. Especially, considering that his personality is the same but with a great evolution. AND there are dialogues that really touch us for your situation.