Facebook hired a company to discredit TikTok

Facebook hired a targeted winan American Republican consulting firm, damage the reputation of TikTokas reported Washington Post. The report states that the dirty trick against the Chinese platform was only launched in the United States. The aforementioned firm has taken to local newspapers in an attempt to instill negative opinion against TikTok. The reason? He’s a competitor they couldn’t counter, not even via Instagram.

Indeed, in documents obtained by the aforementioned media, an official from Targeted Victory specifies that, for Facebook, “TikTok is the real threat”, adding: “Especially for being a number one foreign app in sharing data used by teenagers.” Of course, it is curious that Meta’s social network expresses itself in this way when it is itself often involved in constant privacy scandals.

During the campaign, Targeted Victory shared news that spoke negatively about TikTok. Some of them were part of the wave of reports when Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, waged war against the ByteDance platform. According to authorities, TikTok has been used as an espionage weapon by China. The company’s operations in the United States were about to be sold to a third party to survive in the territory in the face of an impending blockade.

However, to lend “greater credibility” to reports against TikTok, the consultancy also relied on negative opinions from Democratic politicians and other influential public figures. Targeted Victory’s work was flawless in the sense that, under no circumstances can a direct relationship be established between the media and Facebook. The bad news —for them— is that the report of Washington Post exposes the true association that existed behind it. At this time, yes, Facebook has not commented on the matter.

Facebook can’t manage TikTok

Credit: Unsplash

Clearly, Facebook’s goal is to get rid of its biggest rival at all costs, and whatever practices are necessary. This dirty game comes to light shortly after Facebook admitted to having lost daily active users for the first time in its entire history. In North America alone, their biggest global market, they lost 1 million daily users. In contrast, TikTok continues to grow, primarily with younger audiences.