Facebook now lets you share Reels from third-party apps

Meta relies heavily on its Reels, both on Instagram and Facebook. Now the company has implemented some improvements on this latest platform, and it is now we can share videos from third party apps.

With the new integration, Meta plans to make it easier to share content on Facebook Reels removing some barriers. Whereas until now to share a video we had to download it, search for it on our mobile and then modify it, with the novelty the process becomes much more direct, since it will be possible to share and modify it quickly from at the touch of a single button.

The button, called “Share on Reels”, has already been integrated into several video services. Between them, VivaVideo, Vita and Smule. Likewise, applications interested in integrating the button into their services need only enter the Meta Developers website and follow the steps explained there. Obviously, the integration will depend on the applications having an interest in doing so.

Once integrated, third-party apps will have a Reels button so users can share short videos and customize them with Reels editing tools such as audio, text, effects, subtitles and stickers . Instead of downloading video content and downloading it later, you can now create and share videos seamlessly at the touch of a button.

John McCarthy, Director of Product Management at Meta

By making it easier to share Reels on Facebook, Meta plans to help videos of people reach more and more audiences. A function similar to that of Add a reel to history what we have on Instagram; but with a much more ambitious objective.