Family Returns Lost Wallet and Receives Two Valuable Pokemon Drawings in Return


Brock, Misty with her Togepi and Ash

When chagashi and his family went on a trip to Japan 20 years ago, they could not have imagined what was going to happen. It all started when Chagashi found a lost wallet in the field and decided to deliver it to the nearest police station. They expected nothing in return for their kind gesture, but the reward they received was a surprise for the whole family.

The Anonymous Wallet Owner Reward

When the police presented Chagashi with the reward for returning the wallet, he realized that it wasPokemon cartoons. While doing research on the Internet, he discovered that these scenes belonged to the chapter 211 from the Serie, take me to the moonreleased in Japan on August 16, 2001.

At that time, Pokémon was a very recent series, but over the years the value of these designs has steadily increased. Indeed, an illustration of Misty and Togepi without any background can currently cost over a thousand dollars, while in one of the drawings delivered by the anonymous portfolio owner, they appear Misty and Togepi accompanied by Brock, Ash and Pikachu. In the other, the protagonists are Jessie, James and Meowth, the trio that forms the team rocket.

However, despite the very high price at which they could be sold, the family preferred to keep these designs as their Valuable objects. This is due to Chagashi’s background as an artist, who grew up admiring handmade designs and those who worked in the field.

Recently, Chagashi decided to publish his story through Twitter to finally find out who the mysterious owner of the wallet was. The magic of Twitter allowed me to contact Takaoone of the artists in charge of Pokemon series backgrounds in the early 2000s. He told her that the person who made these drawings was someone who had participated in the creation of the series.

Currently, the identity of the wallet owner continues to be a mysterybut Takao and Chagashi will continue to investigate to find him with the help of Pokémon fans.

Source: SoraNews24