Feminism came to Netflix drama

The second season of The Bridgertons He embraces the elements that made him strong in his first stage and is encouraged to grow in the aspects and characters he didn’t elaborate on. It is part of the natural growth of a series that does not aspire to be a very deep drama but knows what type of viewer it is aimed at. This is enough for it to be considered a good series.

Many productions are lost because their meaning is unclear. From there, the tone and the idea can be distorted. Aspiring to cover different issues, it fails to complement the aspects in which they are naturally strong. In the case of The Bridgertonsthe drama between the characters, their tensions and the narration of Lady Whistledownas well as a series of subjects on which he did not position himself in the first season and which have more weight in these.

As part of the media tour to promote the second season in netflix, Van Dussenthe creator of The Bridgertonsexplained that some of his influences for the story were pride and prejudice, Succession and The age of innocence. His series may not have the tone of those productions, but he found, from those influences, his own in which his characters, more or less, transform while the viewer is entertained.

The Bridgertonsand new themes

It is a story that describes the relationship between men and women at a historical moment when these bonds are being questioned. This can make more than one viewer uncomfortable. However, keep in mind that this is a period adaptation, that the courtship, the dancing, the luxury, the way of performing with each other, is not a tribute to this moment but the recreation of a piece of history of humanity.

Yes The Bridgertons If he were on this path, he should be respected: it is not fair to look at past moments with the eyes of the present. On the other hand, if it is a matter of historical attachment, that is what specialized books and documentaries are for. The detail, compared to the Netflix series, is that it did not stay in this area but plunged into the current issues of this second season.