Filtered appearance of classic games on PS servers

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Tekken 2 PS1

the June 22 will arrive in Spain new playstation plus system for PS4 and PS5, which will include an option that players have been requesting for years: power play old games on your current console.

Of course, it will only be available to those who subscribe to the level “prime”the most expensive subscription, which will give access to up to 340 retro games.

Although Sony has not yet confirmed any of the games that will be available, it is known that they will come from PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 (the latter streaming only).

Little by little, certain titles are filtered from the catalogs, which could finally become the chosen ones.

Games that have been leaked on PS1 and PSP

This time it was Reddit user the_andshrew who found images and title IDs for five of those games, which could mean Sony is working on adding the new retro library to its servers.

The games that have been “revealed” are:


That’s not the only leak, as it was also revealed last week that four classic Siphon Filter games have been rated for PS4 and PS5 in Korea.

How will the new PS Plus work?

Essentials: €59.99/year. Same benefits as current PS Plus

Supplement: €99.99/year. Benefits of Essentials + 400 downloadable games for PS4 and PS5

Premium: €119.99/year. Additional benefits + 340 additional games, including a catalog of classic games (PS1, PS2 and PSP) and PS3 titles.

Playstation’s paid subscription service will arrive in Spain in less than two months and will be structured in 3 different tiers.

PSPlus Essentials It will work like the current PS Plus, with monthly free games, discounts and online multiplayer. Its price will also be the same, €59.99 per year.

Somewhere in the middle we found the plan PS Plus Extra, with the same advantages as the previous one and with access to a library of 400 downloadable games for PS4 and PS5. Its price will be €99.99 per year.

Finally, there is the membership with the most benefits, the plan PS Plus Premium.

It includes all of the above, and you’ll have up to 340 additional games, including a catalog of classic PS1, PS2, and PSP games, as well as PS3 titles. The latter will only be available to play in the cloud.

In this case, the price will be €119.99 annual.

They are lots of different opinions players have on these new subscription tiers and their benefits.

Some criticize that the consoles are still not compatible with their original retro games and they have to pay to play them on their current Playstation.

Others, on the contrary, are delighted with this new option and assure that they will get the Premium Plan.

That’s why we ask you… What’s your opinion of the new PS Plus model?

Source: VGC