first trailer full of sex and violence

the first trailer of the third season of The boys He is already here. The original production of Amazon Prime Video, which is scheduled to premiere next June 3It is one of the most anticipated series of the year. Its first two seasons have been acclaimed by both critics and audiences alike, and from what we can see in this preview, it looks like the new episodes aren’t going to disappoint in the least.

The boys has always stood out for being a satire today’s world, especially American culture. But, also, to rely on scenes with a high degree of violence when the opportunity arises. The first trailer for season 3 makes it clear there will be blood everywhere, and lots of sex. Indeed, those responsible for the series had already anticipated that the new season will be even more violent than the previous ones.

The trailer shows the usual gang “led” by Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell, who continue their crusade against Vought and the members of the Seven. Amazing, yes, that apparently Butcher will have superpowers. It would completely flip the show and, of course, make it easier to deal with Homelander and the rest of the “Supe” villains.

Also, this is the first time that we can see in motion boy soldierthe character played by Jensen Ackles (Smallville and Supernatural). At least in the comics, this superhero leads Paymenta group of “Supes” considered the second most powerful and important after The Seven.

Another face that can be seen in the preview is that of Laurie Holden (Andrea Harrison in The Walking Dead). In the third season of The boys will give life to Crimson Countess, also a member of Payback. The heroine had two versions, one fighting the Nazis during World War II and another in the present day, which will be the one we will see in the series. Of course, don’t think standing up to the Nazis makes her a good person, since in the comics she tried to murder Hughie and Butcher.