Five movies on HBO Max you should consider

Within the vast catalogs of films and series that the platforms of diffusion, it is common for quality productions to go astray. It is movies that stand out for their story, their production or the influence they have generated on viewers and filmmakers over time. But in a dynamic of constant renewal of content, it is logical that users do not keep the card with all the offers of these services. Below we share a handful of recommendations that are part of the movie options in hbo-max.

The following list of films includes recent titles as well as others that could be considered classics. The aim is to offer a diverse sample, thinking both for those who love stories related to fancy, the comedies and sports, as well as those who think about other kinds of stories, both psychologically and historically. These productions are generally not among the main movie options on HBO Max.

In the list, separate mention to The Godfather. Recently, the 50th anniversary of its premiere was commemorated. The film, one of the classics of cinema, is sometimes considered one of the best productions in history. That’s enough to revise it. Here is the list with the rest of the recommendations that can be seen on HBO Max (only available in Latin America).

Movie recommendations on HBO Max

A collage of styles and proposals to savor during the weekend (and at any other time).

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