Fnac stops offering Hubside insurance after a wave of complaints

Celside and Hubside insurance can no longer be taken out with Fnac. There have been months of complaints from customers who have taken out insurance for mobile devices with the French company SFAM. This media previously reported on the practices of the French group, also by Hubside.Store, which caused a large wave of complaints for abusive contracts and excessive payments. Now, hypertextual was able to know exclusively that Fnac has decided to change supplier and cut relations with Hubside.

The company’s strategy is clear, as this medium has learned. Besides insurance, they include other services that the buyer has not requested and, in many cases, is not even properly informed about. The tactic is to try to get the client to sign several contracts which, supposedly, they can be canceled easily and free of charge within one month. The reality is something else.

SFAM was 10 million euros fine by the Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs. The agency found that they conducted deceptive practices and intentionally withheld information to increase the number of contracts.

Despite the legal measures, SFAM continued to operate and continued to offer the services of its companies to Fnac, a company in which it is a shareholder. the modus operandi It was based on the Celside insurance offer with the purchase of electronic or mobile devices. It was promised that the first month would be free and could be canceled without obligation for the first 30 days. However, with this assurance They “colaban” the service of creation of web pages and cloud storage of sister company Hubside. So customers end up buying a subscription for something they didn’t order.

The problem arises when they want to cancel the insurance and everything they have “stretched”. Eternal unanswered calls, broken promises and, meanwhile, monthly charges that sometimes exceeded three figures. Fnac previously informed hypertextual that the SFAM services are external to the company but that they monitor claims. In the event of a complaint, it is brought to Hubside’s customer service and followed up.