For the purchase of an Office license, get a free Windows license

Internet Explorer will be officially retired in June, but IE mode will still bring improvements to increase productivity, mainly in business. IE mode helps users to open websites that are not compatible with Microsoft Edge browser using IE rendering engine. Or what is the same, include options such as compatibility with existing websites, but they also need a modern browser. This feature makes it easy to use a single browser, for legacy websites/apps or for a modern website/app.

In the Keysworlds sales campaign of Holy Weekyou can find Office 2021 licenses for 42.11 euros, much cheaper than the 439 euros of the price on the official Microsoft website. But not only that, but also, if you buy this Office license, you get a free Windows 10 license. If you are planning to upgrade your computer, this is the best way to avoid spending a lot of money.

If, on the other hand, you only need a license Windows 10you can buy it at a very low price of only 7.10 eurosusing discount code KWS52 for a 52% discount.

Finally and before fully entering into the Keysworlds bundle of offers, let’s mention that it does not only sell Office and Windows licenses, it also sells many other software tools for your computer. You just need to enter the web and see them all first hand.

Free Windows with purchase of Office

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What does an OEM license mean?

The translation of the acronym OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. This means that these are licenses that Microsoft gives to OEMs so that they can install their software on a computer. In this way, its price is much lower than that of a normal license but it is still a very safe option.

Keysworlds is completely behind the licenses it sells, and all of them meet certain requirements to sell safe products. Even if questions arise during installation or use, you can directly contact Keysworlds and its technical team, available 24/7. Just write to the email