four essential questions of the new marvel

After all, Marvel’s sprawling saga so far has mostly focused its heroes with an origin story in science or alien phenomena. With the exception of the inhabitants of Asgard and Stephen Strange, the franchise’s heroes owed their powers and abilities to all sorts of scientific accidents. Also to links with extraordinary powers of unknown cultures of the cosmos. Even Wanda Maximoff’s abilities directly tied to chaos magic they were shown in the cinema as part of an experiment. Then, Wanda Vision, showed its magical aspect, albeit in a limited and brief way. But the Marc Spector of moon knight challenge this story and create a new one.

The ex-marine turned avatar of an Egyptian god is all about magic. The concept surrounding moon knight (Moon Knight) is entirely related to the possibility of the intervention of the gods in human life. Beyond the wanderings of Thor or the extraordinary abilities of Loki and Sylvie, Spector is tied to another layer of power. The same as Dane Whitman (Kit Harington in Eternals) and the future incarnation of Blade.

Everything therefore seems to indicate that there will be a major change in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The one that will focus on phases 3 and 4 with those to come. Also an evolution of tone and dynamics between the characters. Marc Spector Has An Origin Story That Connects Him To A Previously Unknown Location In The Marvel Factory. Also a dark tone that can be the point of union between what the franchise has shown so far. But who is this mysterious character who has remained in the shadows for years? We answer the top questions you might have about Moon Knight’s newest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who exactly is Moon Knight?

Marc Spector’s character in Moon Knight has been bloodily fighting crime in the pages of Marvel for over forty years. His arrival in the comic book world dates back to 1975’s Werewolf by Night #32. In the introductory comic, he is portrayed as a mysterious mercenary tasked with catching the titular comic book character. In fact, all of Spector’s relationships and ties are to mysterious creatures and the supernatural realm. In this first major appearance, he was briefly an antagonist, but almost immediately joined Werewolf by Night. Since then, he defines himself as a dark, gloomy and often violent hero, but with noble intentions.