From now on, if you use your mobile in the car, 6 points will be deducted from your card.

The highway code has changed and the use of mobile in the car will be punished by six points on the driving license.

The Law on traffic, motor vehicle traffic and road safety changed this Monday, March 21, effective New measures involving more penalties against those who commit crimes.

One of the changes is related to the mobile use while driving. And it is that after this change, the number of driving license points withdrawn is increasedgoing from three to six.

Use mobile in car

From now on, if you use your mobile in the car, 6 points will be deducted from your card.

Up to six driving license points

The official bulletin brings together all the changes that come into effect from March 21. If you look for the section that talks about the use of mobile phones in the car, it is specified that now this infraction is penalized by the withdrawal of six pointsin addition to being required to pay a €200 fine.

This sanction refers to the case of use the mobile –or any other electronic device– while holding it in your hand. However, if the mobile is used, but it is not held in the hand –for example, for changing songs or choosing a route in a navigation app– the fine will continue to be 200 euros, added to the withdrawal of three points.

Another change concerns use of certified or approved wireless devices, which may be used by motorcycle or moped riders, provided they do not affect safety. Not included are Headphones or wireless headphoneswhich are still prohibited, and the use of which is punishable by the same penalty as the use of a mobile phone while driving – 200 euros and three points –.

How to see your driving license points on your mobile

On the other hand, it should be noted that not only those who use radar inhibiting devices or speedometers. The simple fact of transporting one of these devices inside the vehicle, even if it remains switched off, will be penalized with the withdrawal of three points. This does not include the use of applications capable of alerting you to the position of speed cameras.

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