full nostalgia on netflix

Where were those stickers with the faces of the idols? What happened to the first vinyl? What is the state of those childhood ideals? How many dreams have come true as adults? Did the space race exist before this moment when the moon seems closer than ever? does anyone remember Neil Armstrong? These are just some of the questions Apollo 10½: a space childhoodto the new movie netflixinvites us to reflect with nostalgia.

Yes, nostalgic. The production reviews various events that progressively marked the Generation X. They serve as an excuse to talk about some of the topics mentioned above in the form of questions. These events are portrayed through the eyes of a child who, growing up, encounters all of these advancements.

They may seem anachronistic today, but there was a time when the future couldn’t be more exciting for many. Apollo 10½: a space childhood recreates part of that moment, all laughing, making a child the protagonist of much of what happens. This perspective allows him to look at this past with humor and nostalgia. This is one of the messages of history: of the past, at least, we can laugh.

the aesthetics of Apollo 10½: a space childhood

It can be uncomfortable but, yes, it is part of the narrative meaning that the movie. Although it may seem strange, because it is a cartoon, a kind of comic strip taken from another era, it is a statement of the principles of the story: indeed, it is acts for the viewer to be located in this historic moment, free from so much advancement in technology. . Recreating that experience without making it seem completely outdated while retaining its essence is one of the film’s accomplishments.

It is the vehicle through which all the elements of the narrative are linked, from musical references to politics, to different products and relevant historical events. An American family describes a society and its relationship with different events that, in retrospect, marked a before and after. Something parodic is perceived in the tone, as if she were looking at herself and saying: what idiots we were back then Where have we really achieved it?