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Widgets and gadgets on the desktop.  tableGood time!

Once upon a time in Windows 7, a very handy thing appeared on the desktop – gadget (gadget): these are small informative windows that tell you the current time, the weather, the latest. tickets, exchange rates and much more! Those. you don’t need to manually collect this information from dozens of sites (they will do it for you) – just look at the desktop!

In modern Windows 10/11 – by default there are no widgets on the desktop. However, if you wish, you can add them relatively easily! See the screenshot below for an example. 👇

In fact, below in the note I will give several. applications to help you solve this problem…

*  An example of using gadgets An example of using gadgets


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Gadget Collections

From shop Microsoft

If you cannot install the collections below, check that the Microsoft Store is installed on your system (it may not be on some versions of Windows).


Widget Launcher

Link on the Microsoft Store:

How to launch the widget

How to add widgets // Widget Launcher

Widget Launcher – spec. Software (“shell”) that allows you to add dozens of various widgets to your desktop in 2 clicks:

  1. currency converter and informant;
  2. digital watch;
  3. sticky notes;
  4. RSS catcher;
  5. calendars;
  6. CPU load monitoring, etc.

By the way, all of the above is free! And, of course, the color scheme of the design can be adjusted manually, by yourself. Each of the added widgets – can be placed in the right place (just “drag” it with the mouse…).

In general, the selection is worth knowing. 😉

Clock, weather, currency converter, etc.  the little things are always at hand... (example with widgets)

Clock, weather, currency converter, etc. the little things are always at hand… (example with widgets)


Office gadgets

Store link:

Minimalist style - screenshot

Minimalist style – screenshot \\ Desktop Gadgets

Office gadgets – this set is simpler (in terms of graphics), but the range of gadgets is wider (by the way, if the free ones are not enough for you, you can buy more! true, for the users there may be a problem, tk. Visa/Mastercard cards do not work yet…).

To note:

  1. “undemanding: on PC resources compared to classic gadgets that were on Windows 7;
  2. a good selection of free gadgets: alarm clocks, RSS sensors, calendars, calculators, currency converters, CPU usage monitoring, sticky notes, etc. ;
  3. for more you can buy additional rewards: new skins and models, translators, tests to measure network speed, etc.

You can see a few gadgets from the set in my screenshot below. 👇 Of course, I wouldn’t call them the prettiest, but they are quite suitable for solving their tasks (at least it’s much more convenient than manually checking “something” every day).

Adding multiple widgets per Tableau Windows 11 workspace

Adding multiple widgets per Tableau Windows 11 workspace


Not from the Store (suitable for installation in “any” version of Windows)

Website: - main control window – main control window

Very comfortable and beautiful set for everyday use. For example, I really liked the gadgets that show the load on the CPU, RAM, occupied disk space and a calendar.

Be aware that there are 21 customizable widgets in the base package (however, if you want, you can download many more 😉).

The set is compatible with Windows 8, 10, 11 (32/64 bits).


Website:  An example of using gadgets An example of using gadgets

“” widgets are some of the most beautiful and versatile! In addition, this application allows you to find dozens of additional widgets and skins to diversify the basic set: downloading takes place directly from the software window (you do not need to search for anything on your own- same/in addition…).

Total number of widgets in the collection: over 1900 already!

Required configuration: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11; at least 1 GB of RAM; disk space from 1 GB (more is needed during installation than during operation).  Directly in the app you can download dozens of sets!!! Directly in the app you can download dozens of sets!!!


Risen Gadgets

Developer site:

Risen gadgets - classic gadgets

Risen gadgets – classic gadgets

A set of exactly those “old” gadgets that were in the sevens. They are as similar to them as possible both in terms of graphics and functionality.

In the basic set, there are only a few. widgets: currency, puzzle, website news headlines, CPU meter, calendars, weather, slideshow and clock. On the official On the site, you can put what you need online: there are at least a dozen weather informants alone…

Their main drawback: the security of this package is less than above (mainly downloading and installing third party widgets which are not included in the package…).


That’s all for now, good luck!


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Useful software:

  • video montage
  • Video montage

  • Excellent software to create your first videos (all steps are step by step!).
    The video will make even a beginner!

  • optimization utility
  • computing accelerator

  • A program for cleaning Windows from “garbage” (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

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