Genshin Impact characters land in Pokémon thanks to a fan


Genshin Impact character Yae Miko

The fan art They are very common in the community. Genshin ImpactThe popular ARPG free for PC, mobiles and consoles, due to the strong focus on character design. Each of them is based on a unique context that happened in Tevyatso players like to imagine them in different environments.

The combination of Pokémon and Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact uses a gacha system, a very popular mechanic in Japan that involves paying to open packages whose insides are unknown. Players can spend their Primogems to character banners that change every three or four weeks, forced to wait months for the chance to get the desired character again.

jhayalejo, a Reddit user, has already become a very popular name within the official Genshin Impact community thanks to his quirky character designs. This time, JhayAlejo surprised fans with his new designs based on the pokemon saga, even including their respective evolutions for some of them. They are Yun Jin, Shenhe, Yae Miko, Ayato, and Raiden Shogun.

Some of these characters like Yae Miko They are among the most popular that have passed through the store. Currently the only one of them that is available is Raiden Shogunwho is part of a double banner with Sangonomiya Kokomi, another well-known five-star character.

These designs have had a big impact on the community, whose members are eager to know what the next character will look like. The most impressive thing about the designs is that they are all completely differentbeing able to have perfect intuition what character are they referring to by including characteristic elements of each of them.

Source: GameRant