Google collects message and call data without your consent

Google quietly collected call and text information on Android without users being able to prevent it. According to a study by Trinity College Dublin, applications Messages and Phone collect and send data to Google without users’ consentwhich is a clear violation of your privacy.

In the study titled What data do Dialer and Messages apps on Android send to Google?author, Douglas J. Leith, details how the technology captures message and call data in its mobile operating system.

In the case of Messages, when the user sends or receives an SMS, the application records information such as the date and time when the event occurred, the sender’s phone number and a hashes truncated which serves as an identifier for the SMS.

Data is sent via Clearcut from Google Play Services and Firebase from Analytics. The information is tagged with the Android ID, an important detail since the ID is associated with a Google account.

In a nutshell, Mountain View they would have a detailed list of when and with whom you messaged. With calls, it’s not much different, since Google Phone records the time and duration of the conversation.