Google does not use the word “war” in Russia for fear of censorship

google would have accepted the Russia’s New Policy who punishes those who use the word “warto refer to the invasion in Ukraine. According to The interceptionthe tech company informed its translators that should use the phrase “extraordinary circumstances” talk about the war in texts in Russian.

Those in Mountain View sent an email to their contractors warning that theThe changes would only apply to Russia. While the rest of the world may read the word war, the Russian documentation for Gmail, Google Maps, and other Google products prefers to omit it.

The decision coincides with the application of a new law prohibiting the distribution of false information on the Russian army. The Russian parliament approved a law in early March aimed at controlling the narrative of the war in Ukraine. The word “war” has been omitted from the media dictionary, which uses “military offensive” or “military intervention”.

In Google’s case, supporting documents for its apps use “Ukrainian emergency” or “extraordinary circumstances” to refer to the Russian invasion.

On the AdWords Help Center page, notice is given of the suspension of advertising in state-controlled media. When translated into Spanish, it reads as follows: