Google launches “Switch to Android” its new application to seduce iPhone users


Google launches an app that makes it easier to migrate data from iOS to Android

In a new attempt to get iPhone users interested in modifying their devices and migrate to android systemGoogle has released a new app that helps make this important change.

Recently, Google released an update for Google Maps which offers important news for the Apple Watch. Moreover, he has sufficient than your Chrome browser, it’s faster than Safari. But there is one thing that has yet to be announced and that is a new app very similar to Apple’s “Move to iOS”.

In all discretion, Google has launched in the App Store the new application called “Switch to Android”. As the name suggests, the goal of this new app is that iOS users can switch to an Android device facilitate the transfer of data and information important to the person.

Google didn’t want to come up with a flashy or ad-filled launch, Techcrunch reported that the appearance of “Switch to Android” was extremely discreetthere is therefore no information announcing the arrival of this application on the App Store.

“Google’s “Switch to Android” website has not yet been updated to indicate that the new app is available, nor has the company officially announced its release. listed on the Google Developer page in the App Store or in the App Store search results. It can only be found by clicking a direct link.”

This application promise that the process of transferring data from iPhone to new Android is very easy to do. The transfer starts with the exchange of contacts, calendars and events via a backup in Drive.

The migration of photos and videos is done automatically between iCloud services and Google Photos. It also guides users to turn off Apple iMessage and start receiving text messages.

It is important to mention that to carry out this migration process no cables needed. And although Google has a website to carry out this exchange action, the application has the particularity of being able to do it more easily and quickly.

Switch to Android

Google launches ‘Switch to Android’ app

It seems that Google intends to attract iOS users with a tool that allows them to transfer what’s most important from their iPhone to an Android, so that they don’t see this process as an obstacle to switching devices and become Android users once and for all.

Now that Google has introduced this app, Do you dare to change your iPhone for an Android?

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