‘GTA Online’ now has a paid subscription: GTA+

Totally surprising, Rockstar Games has announced GTA+, a paid subscription for GTA online. The proposal will offer multiple exclusive advantages, mainly to players who spend a good part of their time in the online mode of GTA 5. It should however be mentioned that GTA+ will only be available on current-gen consoles. That is, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. At the moment there is no information on its arrival on PC.

GTA+ will be available from next March 29 for $5.99. What are its benefits for GTA Online players? In the first place, every month you will receive GTA$500,000 in your Make Bank account. In addition, you will have the opportunity to acquire exclusive properties that will be distributed in different parts of Los Santos. These, in turn, “unlock content updates”. They will also provide special car customization parts, exclusive discounts, and bonus GTA$ and RP for completing certain activities.

Rockstar mentions that benefits will renew monthly. Therefore, every month they will report the available news. We fully reproduce what you will get in GTA online if you subscribe between March 29 and April 27:

• GTA$500,000 to be automatically deposited into your Maze Bank account.

• Principe Deveste Eight, plus a free upgrade from Hao’s Special Works before it becomes available for sale to the general public, and HSW Travel Orange and HSW Distortion CMYK paints.

GTA online tighten until the last piece possible

He is handsome? Depends. As mentioned above, perhaps for gamers who are very active in GTA online it’s worth it, but not for the rest. What is clear is that Rockstar Games plans to take full advantage of the economic potential of GTA online, which to this day continues to be a mine of recurring revenue due to the constant release of new content. It has evolved from a “simple” game mode to an ever-evolving platform.

Now, the big question that remains in the air is: how will it work GTA online with GTA 6? The development of the new installment is already confirmed and there are a lot of expectations about it. However, we still don’t know if players will be able to migrate assets or start over once. next installment see the light. Some have spent a lot of money and it would not be good to leave them lying around.