HBO Max will air in Mexico and throughout Latin America in April 2022

April brings its share of novelties concerning the catalog of HBO Max releases. Although the platform usually keeps a few proposals to offer week after week, here are the essentials of the alternatives that will be integrated into its service during this month, both in series and in films.

Within the series will arrive the first season of Deputy Tokyoa combined bet with others that are classics within its fan base, such as Riverdale and Wellington Paranormal. Other options that can be enjoyed during this month are Mr Jack and made for love. But there is more.

In the movie business, HBO Max premieres will add the classic to the service Greater Torino. In addition to this production, there will be titles such as Austin Powers: The Spy Who Fucked Me, the ocean trilogy (the big scam; The new big scam; Now there are thirteen)with others movies which we describe below.

HBO Max Series

  • Wellington Paranormal. Season 4. April 1.
  • Deputy Tokyo. Season 1. April 8.
  • field. Season 1. April 12.
  • Riverdale. Season 4. April 15.
  • The stewardess. Season 2. April 22.
  • barry. Season 5. April 25.
  • Mayans MC Season 4. April 25.
  • Mr Jack. Season 2. April 25.
  • made for love. Season 2. April 29.

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  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Fucked Me. April 1.
  • Defrosting. April 1.
  • the whistleblower. April 1
  • Greater Torino. April 1.
  • Malory towers. April 1.
  • Ocean Trilogy: The Great Swindle; The new big scam; now it’s thirteen. April 1.
  • holy criminals. April 5.
  • The way back. April 11.
  • Principle. April 23.
  • The baby. April 25.