He gets his iPhone back after 10 months at the bottom of a river and it still works

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A story worth telling many times over is one that lived a man who recovered his iPhone after spending 10 months at the bottom of a river. It happened in the UK, in Gloucestershire near the town of Cinderford. Owner, Owain Davies, threw it while canoeing at a bachelor party. How did you get it back?

Luck, fortune, etc. A man has recovered his iPhone after spending 10 months at the bottom of the River Wye

Did it cross your mind if you could get your iPhone back if it fell off a cliff? Should you go to the river or to the sea? Owain Davies got his device back through social media and to the man, named Miguel Pacheco, who published the discovery. First, how did you throw the iPhone in the river? While he was in the canoe, the companion accompanying him got up and caused an involuntary fall. The iPhone was in his back pocket and when he touched it again, the iPhone was gone.

Owain Davies and the iPhone XR he lost

Owain Davies and the iPhone XR he lost

The 10 months have passed and earlier this month Miguel Pacheco found the iPhone while paddling the River Wye in a canoe. The natural thing was to pick it up, dry it out, and post the first-hand footage in a desperate attempt to locate the owner. I thought the iPhone would not be active because it was full of water. He dried it so he could find out later if it contained sensitive images or data (family and derivative images).

Put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes, the example of Miguel Pacheco when he found the iPhone full of water

The man who was a fundamental part of the meeting told the BBC that if he lost his mobile, he knows he has many photos of his family, of his children. He would like to get it back at all costs. He got to work and dried it with an air compressor. He then kept it in a ventilated room to complete its drying.

The day after, got ready to connect it with the power adapter and within hours it turned on and showed the date the device stopped (August 13) alongside a profile picture of a couple.

iPhone XR rescued

iPhone XR saved after 10 months of immersion

Much to Owain Davies’ delight, his friends and fiancée recognized the footage published that have been shared more than 4000 times. They contacted Miguel Pacheco and the delivery was made as it should be.

Davies thanked and congratulated Miguel Pacheco for his efforts and for saving him from the humidity his iPhone was in. The natural thing is for anyone to find an iPhone and leave it somewhere near where it was found. The bad thing is that there was an open space here where there was no one. Photos of the device show that it was an iPhone XR.

The iPhone was the protagonist of this story and other related stories. One of them like that of a man who lost his iPhone while on a boat and washed up on a beach in Canada. Another story accompanied by an Android device that did not survive.

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