Here’s how Google Maps fights fake reviews: (spoiler) it uses AI

Google prides itself on how it maintains the reliability of information on Maps, using artificial intelligence algorithms and human oversight to ensure that all information, reviews and photos on the platform are reliable and of high quality.

You don’t need to be an expert to figure this out. it is quite difficult to moderate any service or social network where users are allowed to freely upload opinions, and this is something that happens not only in forums or media, but also in applications such as Tripadvisor or similar where companies are “rated” and personal experiences are reviewed.

The latter is something that obviously Google Maps also inherited on your more social side with location reviews, but in Mountain View resources are nearly limitless when it comes to controlling your apps and services to avoid the trolls or fraudulent advice.

Reviews on Google Maps

Unsurprisingly, Google is using AI to control reviews on Maps.

Thus, Google itself revealed on its corporate blog that it was indeed working on remove toxic activity from Mapsand that for that artificial intelligence algorithms are used who have been trained throughout the year 2021 thanks to human operators.

More than 100 million fraudulent attempts to modify Google Maps business profiles have been blocked by the Californian giant’s AI, which has detected no less than 7 million fake profiles and eliminated up to 1 million accounts for violation.

The best tricks for Google Maps

The idea of ​​AI and the machine learning is the same as always, applying algorithms that allow computers to learn by exploring patterns in data which are introduced, and which also cause the algorithm itself to make it more robust and trustworthy.

Worked with Maps was strenuous but from Mountain View they push their chest well Google prides itself on how it keeps Maps information reliableblocking in 2021 more than 100 million fraudulent modification attempts in the company profiles created on the platform.

Not only that, and according to what they tell us of American society, more than 7 million fake profiles have been deleted and up to 1 million accounts due to security policy violations. In addition, they were also detected and stopped 12 million corporate identity theft attemptsand even 8 million fraudulent claims have been avoided in a company or business profile.

All the information on Google Maps is reliable and of high quality, since the AI ​​even detects bad photos and eliminates them, in addition to preventing the pandemic from distorting the scores with negative reviews due to the anti-Covid measures.

There are many attempts, as you will see, but it is also over 95 million fake reviews have been rejected or that they violated Google’s policies once businesses began to reopen after the pandemic, with tens of thousands of negative opinions related to anti-Covid measures which were eliminated to avoid low scores not attributable to the company itself.

Google AI also works on the quality of the information we publish on the platform, deleted 200 million low quality photos and videos or who has violated the policies.

An impressive job that Google managed to automate successfully, even if always with human supervision that continues to validate the information obtained before making irreversible decisions, especially since machines don’t understand jokes and the algorithms must continue to improve every day.

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