Hisui’s Pokédex Is Already A Reality, Fan Recreates Arceus Pokédex Pokémon Legends

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Here’s Hisui’s Pokédex in real life

Pokémon Legends: Arceus was a revolution for the saga, since, far from offering a continuous title like the previous ones, the journey to Hisui chose to reveal how the region of sinno in the past, living here all kinds of events you can check out in our Arceus Pokémon Legend Guide.

Under this postulate, it should be noted that one of the points to be taken into account Pokemon Legends Arceus is that we have a pokedex which is far from being like the ones we already know because instead of being a technological tool, it is a notebook in which We will write down all the information we collect about Pokémon.

In this way the Hisui’s Pokédex It has a double particularity since, on the one hand, does not require a lot of technology to recreate one, while, as a result, the Production cost of one would not be so high. And that’s exactly what the user of Reddit whengeekscraft, as you shared a recreation of the Arceus Pokémon Legends Pokédex.

Hisui’s Pokédex like you’ve never seen it before

As you can see below these lines, the Hisui’s Pokédex It has the distinction of being a perfectly recreated notebook, to the point that even the inside of it shows the pokemon token (in this case a Gyarados), where we can see that the research tasks for this Pokemon.

It is certainly a item that would deserve to be collected by any Pokemon fan, although for now we must limit ourselves to saying that only when Geekscraft has it. Who knows if, seeing the potential that this product would have, The Pokémon Company is launching its own. Only time (and hope) will tell. you can see the pokedex for continuation.