HomePod + AppleTV? The company could merge them into one

In a recent post from To light upthe famous newsletter by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, the reporter commented that Apple could bring a surprise move in hand. As he writes in his publication, the company could be working on a hybrid device, which would integrate the functions of Apple TV and HomePod under the same product.

But that’s not all. According to Gurman, this device It would also come with a FaceTime cameraan addition we haven’t seen in either of the two previously mentioned.

Q: Do you think a new HomePod or home device is yet to come?

A: I absolutely believe a new HomePod is on the way, especially one that combines a HomePod, Apple TV, and FaceTime camera. I don’t think a big standalone HomePod is in the works yet, but maybe a new HomePod mini is on the way. Either way, the combo product is likely to be the center of Apple’s attention, with HomePod minis surrounding it throughout the home.

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg

Of course, the reporter pointed out that don’t think Apple will release a full-size HomePod again; like the original model. However, this new gadget would serve as the core for other HomePod mini-devices that are distributed throughout your home.

As he adds iMore, this combination of HomePod with Apple TV could perform a similar function to Google’s Nest Hub. In reality, they theorize it could even be a TV made by Apple itself which would integrate both technologies. However, the latter has not been confirmed by any other means.

Apple plans to compete with Amazon

With the launch of this hybrid between an Apple TV and a HomePod, those of Cupertino they might start competing with Amazon. Remember that the latter is the creator of the Fire TV Cube, a device that unifies the Fire TV Stick 4K with an Echo speaker. For this reason, Apple’s proposal will not reach uncharted territory.

Moreover, we see that it will have an integrated camera for video calls via FaceTime. So far there is no way to perform video calls through the Apple service using an Apple TVsomething really surprising given that today even terminals with Android, Windows and even Xbox can join FaceTime video calls.