how critics value him between adaptations of the hero

Until now, Batman The worldwide box office receipts doubled the budget director Matt Reeves had to make it, which was $200 million. So Warner Bros. can consider that it is an indisputable success, and that the commitment of a sequel, promised in less than five years, makes sense. But what has the professional critic said?

According to data from Rotten Tomatoes, Eighty-five percent of more than four hundred analyzes on the film they analyzed they see her with good eyes. They therefore coincide with what the general public thinks, which values ​​it at eighty-eight percent according to its votes on the same platform, with 8.4 out of ten on IMDb and 7.4 on the most demanding FilmAffinity.

But one of the most interesting perspectives on Batman is to know Where do critics place it? specializing among ten other live-action adaptations, made between 1966 and 2021. More than fifty years of the superhero’s big-screen adventures as he takes on a host of deranged villains in the fictional city of Gotham, a grim rendition of New York .

‘The Batman’: his position among the eleven Batman adventures

Warner Bros.
  1. The black Knight (2008): mean mean score of 8.6 out of 10 in 345 reviews.
  2. The dark knight rises (2012): average of 8 in 373 reviews.
  3. batman begins (2005): average of 7.7 in 287 reviews.
  4. Batman (2022): average of 7.6 in 424 reviews.
  5. batman returns (1992): mean of 6.7 in 85 reviews.
  6. Batman (1989): mean of 6.7 in 76 reviews.
  7. The Justice League (2021): average of 6.7 in 305 reviews.
  8. Batman (1966): mean of 6.3 in 33 reviews.
  9. batman forever (1995): mean of 5.2 in 68 reviews.
  10. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016): average of 5 in 435 reviews.
  11. batman and robin (1997): mean of 3.8 in 93 reviews.

With this information, we can conclude that analysts still believe that The previous Christopher Nolan trilogy about the darkest avenger in DC comics is the most remarkablewith The black Knight in the lead, thanks in large part to Heath Ledger’s mighty Joker. And Batmanthe recent contribution of Matt Reeves, is located just afterabove the two from Tim Burton.

FOR The Justice League, by Zack Snyder, paired her with them. And, surprisingly, the film by Leslie H. Martinson, from the homonymous series created by Lorenzo Semple Jr. and William Dozier (1966-1968), surpasses the two by Joel Schumacher since Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justicewith batman and robin like the great disaster of Bruce Wayne. Not bad for Matt Reeves.