How much could an iPhone 14 subscription cost?


The iPhone 14 would not only have a new design, but also a new way to enjoy it by subscription.

The iPhone 14 could arrive with many novelties and among them a new form of acquisition could stand out. Until now, you could only buy an iPhone the traditional way, either paying full price or rationing the payment over several months. However, it is expected that Apple will soon launch a monthly subscription to its services that also includes an iPhoneAt least that’s what experts like Mark Gurman report.

In the same way that we subscribe to Apple Music for 9.99 euros per month or increase the size of the iCloud cloud for 0.99 euros per month, Apple could offer us an iPhone subscription for a monthly amount. As long as we pay, we can continue to use the iPhonewhen we stop paying for the iPhone, it will revert to Apple.

The software subscription successful In recent years, with platforms of all kinds, however, the same has not happened with hardware. Perhaps Apple will achieve this with this revolutionary idea, although for that it will have to have an attractive price.

iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 would launch a new form of acquisition

An iPhone subscription? ok but how much will it cost

It is not easy to estimate a possible price for this iPhone 14 subscription, we can simply make calculations and try to know the price that Apple could put. We also don’t know if there will be different plans related to other services, a kind of Apple One + iPhone with which to save some money.

Taking Apple One as an example, joint plans can save us between 6 and 16 euros per month. So we think if an iPhone joins the plan, we can save even more.

To try to calculate how much Apple might charge for an iPhone subscription, we’re going to take as a reference the price of the iPhone 13, which everything indicates will be the same as that of the iPhone 14. The iPhone 13 starts at 909 euros and can be financed in the Apple Store for up to 24 months without interest a fee of approximately 37 euros per month. After two years, the iPhone will be all yours, so you can do whatever you want with it.

iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro aims very, very high

In a subscription, the iPhone would not belong to you after this period, you will have to continue paying if you want to continue using it. And that’s where Apple can make money, even lowering the fees it charges you for an iPhone subscription. Why, of course, the subscription fee should be less than the cost of purchasing the device in installments.

Let’s say Apple offers the iPhone 14 under subscription for 35 euros per month, once a year you will have paid them 420 euros. After a year, if you continue to pay, Apple will exchange it for an iPhone 15, for which you will again pay 420 euros. After two years, you will have paid a total of 840 euros to use two iPhone models, but if you still want one, you’ll need to stay subscribed.

If you had bought the iPhone 14 you would have paid 909 euros instead of 840, but now you would have a device that you can keep using for a long time, iPhone renewal period is over 3 years for most users. Therefore, for Apple, you stop being so profitable.

A large majority of users will be “bound” to this subscription for a long time, so even if you still have the latest iPhone model, Apple makes sure that you will pay it a good amount of money every month. Plus, the devices are yours, so when you return them, you can resell them as refurbished or recycle their parts.

iPhone 14 red

Will we see an iPhone 14 in red?

Bearing this in mind, the prices for an iPhone 14 subscription could be as follows, similar to what Mark Gurman said recently. Yes, these are mere speculations.

  • iPhone 14: about 35 euros per month.
  • iPhone 14 Max: about 40 euros per month.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: about 50 euros per month.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: about 55 euros per month.

The little difference between the models could also make many users opt for a more expensive model, it’s not the same thing to pay 100 or 200 euros more at once than just 5 or 10 euros more per month. Plus, these subscription iPhones are more than likely to be protected by AppleCare+ and part of a service pack like Apple One.

The cheapest Apple One bundle costs 14.95 euros per month, it’s no wonder that Apple offers a course “Apple One+” which includes this subscription and an iPhone 14 for 45 euros per month. Apple’s possibilities in this sense are enormous, even being able to offer several iPhone models in the plans of the Apple One family.

iPhone 14: design, specifications and price that we think we know

Find a suitable price, this Apple iPhone subscription plan can be really worth many times. It’s something that works in many other aspects of life, like renting a house or renting a car. So we could also work with the iPhone.

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