How much does Apple technology cost now and where can I buy it

The era of crazy prices for Apple products is slowly fading, but others are beginning: they are above all linked to the lack of iPhones and iPads. Our monthly summary can be made already traditional – the situation is changing day by day, so we decided to orient you to the prices and availability of devices from sellers, but here should i buy an iphone now is another question. Despite all the restrictions Apple products are still available, but the assortment is different everywhere, in fact, as are the prices. We figure out what to focus on and what you can buy in general.

Let’s see what the prices of iPhones are right now

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Is it possible to buy an iPhone in Russia

Smartphones are still on sale: stocks will certainly not run out for at least two months. Dealers pointed this out not so long ago, and the demand for equipment, as you understand, has dropped dramatically: it has also been affected by the rising prices of other more important goods and Apple’s restrictions, which are killing the device ecosystem. among the Russians. Not so many want to buy an Apple smartphone – our readers are increasingly considering the possibility of trading in or buying used devices.

The iPhone 11 sale at MTS continues. You can still do it

Nevertheless, if you are not afraid to brick your iPhone, you can still profitably buy an iPhone 11 on the MTS website – the online store offers not only a low price (from 49,000 rubles ), but also favorable installment terms – read about them in the article Ivan Kuznetsov, journalist. Unfortunately, there is no discount for the iPhone 13 – the smartphone is sold from 112,000 rubles.

Another place where I try to monitor prices is the Svyaznoy online store. Unfortunately, the prices there are slightly higher: the iPhone 11 is sold at a price of 51,490 rubles, but you can use cashback from the bonus account and a discount when buying accessories. But the iPhone 13 is much cheaper – from 94,000 rubles.

In Svyaznoy, iPhones are a bit more expensive. But the store often has sales: be prepared

In the past, you could always turn to smartphones in small shops. I always watch the prices on You can buy an iPhone 11 for 50,840 rubles, and from the second – for a crazy 62,990. It seems that retail will be based on such sellers in the near future: they answered by phone that smartphones are available.

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Where to buy a cheaper iPad

Maybe the iPad Apple’s rarest gadget for today. To be honest, Apple’s restrictions don’t scare me: I used the iPad 4 on early versions of iOS and haven’t been scared of anything since. But buy ipad cheap 2021 is not so easy anymore – neither MTS nor Svyaznoy have them available, which is a little scary. You can find it only in one of the listed places: on, an iPad 2021 with 64 GB will cost 41,790 rubles. However, with a quick search in Yandex, the options for 41,000 rubles and 49,000 rubles immediately fall.

MTS iPad 2021 is complete. At all

The situation is somewhat simpler with the iPad Air: in Svyaznoy it is cheaper with only 64 GB of memory and a SIM card for 79,990, in MTS there are only iPad mini and iPad Pro from base. It is also available on the same version will cost 60,390 rubles. With a quick search, the tablet can be found for another thousand rubles cheaper.

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Which AirPods to choose

But with AirPods there is almost no problem. Earphones from Apple have noticeably increased in price among the official ones. And here, for example, cheapest airpods can be found at smaller vendors. My friend bought AirPods 3 for just over 13,000 in mid-February – their price has not increased critically. Here are the prices in the webshop now:

  • AirPods 2 – 12,590 rubles;
  • AirPods 3 – 15,890 rubles;
  • AirPods Pro – 18,790 rubles.

In other places, the prices for headphones are quite a lot: from 17,590 rubles for AirPods 2 – in MTS (plus a three-month installment plan is possible), and one and a half thousand more expensive – in Svyaznoy. I can also advise you on the Megafon online store: there is no longer an iPhone at all, but there are AirPods 2 and AirPods 3 – 17 and 20 thousand rubles, respectively, which is normal for official dealers. You can also in Megafon buy AirPods in installments by credit card – read it in our documentation.

AirPods in Svzyanoy are very expensive, but there is a 10-month installment option

With a quick search in Yandex pop up AirPods 2 prices – in the region of 13,000 rubles. If we talk about AirPods 3 – about 17,000 rubles. In any case, when choosing a helmet, do not try to find cheaper ones: a price that is too low is always a sign that something is wrong with them. And be sure to read our article on how to try distinguish fake AirPods.

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In general, at this time The iPhone is in stock like other Apple products: in small stores, prices have already fallen, but, as you can see, official dealers run out of smartphones and tablets faster, although they are more expensive.